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Staff Profile: Meet our new Office Manager.

June 13th, 2014 by Andrew Porter

We wanted to let you know of a recent move that took place and of a new job that was created at our Campbellville headquarters. As you can imagine with an organization the size of Faith Mission there is quite a bit of administrative/financial things that need to be taken care of.  Up to this point the Bennett’s have been taking care of this. It was time to shake things up a bit and we are pleased to announce that Jen Armitage has changed the focus of her ministry to help in the office. We recently interviewed Jen so she could fill us in on what she is doing.

1. You recently moved from Napanee to Campbellville, how long had you lived in Napanee and how are you adjusting to life in Campbellville?
I lived in Napanee for 8 years.  My adjusting to life in Campbellville is going ok. It hasn’t all
been easy but I feel like I am getting into things more now.
2. You have taken on new responsibilities in Campbellville, Can you describe what you are doing?
I have begun work on the accounts for the Mission, and am also learning some of the other secretarial responsibilities.  Along with that I am also still trying to be involved with other ministry as much as I can.  I will be out on summer work for 7 weeks involved in VBS and Camp.
3. Can you give us a few specific prayer requests as we pray for your new posting?
Just that I would learn quickly and do things efficiently.  Also for summer that we would see children and adults saved.
Thanks Jen for taking over this necessary role, We will pray for you in your new role.

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