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Welcome to our new website!

January 11th, 2018 by Graham Ghent

First, a big thank you to Rob, Corny and Jeremy at Redding Designs to help us launch this site. Should also recognize all the work that other Faith Mission workers have done (Andrew, Robert, but most recently Margaret) in keeping our previous site going.
Hopefully all the ways you enjoyed the old website will be clearly available on this new one. A few additions is the ability to listen and/or download sermons from our conferences. Feel free to browse through the last few years of Biblical preaching at the Faith Mission. We hope to add even more from years past as time allows.
We also have the addition of online donations for those who prefer it. We hope to add online forms for camps and even being able to pay before hand right on the site.
Thanks for checking out the website! May God use this site to continue to shine His glorious Gospel into the hearts of people everywhere.

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