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Faith Mission welcomes new workers in BC

May 11th, 2018 by Conan Arndt

We have some exciting news to report!  Conan and Julana Arndt are the Faith Mission in Canada’s newest workers!  Having newly graduated from Millar College of the Bible, the Arndt’s are settling into their new role at the Faith Mission Bible Camp in Falkland, BC.

Here are a few things you should know.  First, this isn’t foreign ground for the Arndt family.  Both Conan and Julana are very familiar with the work.  They both have been closely involved with the runnings of the camp for quite a while. Also, Julana is the daughter of Kevin and Janice Evans so, while there will be plenty of busyness as they settle into their new roles, they will have lots of support.  Second, you might be wondering how to pronounce “Conan”.  It isn’t like “cone”, which I’m sure he hears a lot of.  Think more like “Connor” without the “er” but instead “in”.  Lastly, they have two adorable little girls in tow!  Scarlett (18 months) and newborn Claire.

They will covet your prayers as they gear up for a very busy summer!  They are also currently building a new house on the camp property (how exciting!!), so there is much work to do.  At this blog posting date, they are pouring the concrete forms!

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