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A message from the General Director

March 25th, 2020 by Conan Arndt

Isaiah 12:2: “Behold God is my Salvation, I will trust and not be afraid…”
Over recent days we have been confronted with an unexpected turn of events in our nation that has affected every one of us.  Our day-to-day lives have been turned upside down and the way we do life and ministry has been radically altered.  But in it all, we have been reminded that in these days of sudden change, we hold to the truth that our God has not and will not change (Mal. 3:6).  He has not altered or moved from His position and we can trust Him through this all.
Thank you for thinking and praying for us in the work of Faith Mission Canada.  Our mandate and our mission has not changed but like many churches and ministries, the way we live and minister has had to be altered in order to deal with the ongoing COVID-19 crisis.  Below is a summary of a recent Directive (March 19) our Board have issued:
  • The well-being and health of our staff/workers is of upmost importance to us and we want to protect them from unnecessary risk of exposure to COVID-19.  Some of those are in higher risk categories with infants and weakened immune systems.  Those who are have been asked to take extra precaution and voluntarily self-isolate.  Overall in the Mission, we are exercising social-distancing, frequent hand washing and minimizing our social interactions.
  • Also a top priority for us is the health and well-being of our supporters and those we are seeking to minister to.  With immediate effect, both our camp and conference centres in Falkland (BC) and Campbellville (ON) are closed to the public until further notice.  This also goes for any planned events or activities in our various districts.  We know the government guidelines are for no groups over 50 people to meet, however we also know this is not a ‘magic’ number and even a group of 10-15 can spread the virus.  We want to exercise caution in this regard.  With all events, retreats etc. we will review the situation on March 30 and decide what further action (if any) needs to be taken.
  • We do not know how long this pandemic will last but as a Mission we do want to come out the other end having been known for displaying God’s love and compassion to those around us and calling God’s people to prayer.  This is a time where we will need to redirect our efforts of outreach and support those in need at this challenging time.  Also that we will find fresh ways of sharing the Gospel, following Jesus and making disciples in response to this crisis.
Finally, and most importantly we believe, we are calling on all our Mission personnel, friends and supporters to set aside Friday, March 27, for a Day of Prayer.  This is a time, more than ever, that we need to seek the Lord for: our nation, our churches, the Mission, our families etc.  Praying that God would work in lives for His glory and that we would see a move of His Spirit that would spread across our land even more than the coronavirus.  We plan to give more details and further guidelines on this via social-media (web/FB etc.) closer to the time. 
Thank you for standing with us as we “seek first the Kingdom of God” (Mt. 6:33). 
“Have Faith in God”. (Mk 11:22)
Yours for the glory of God,
Timothy Condy
General Director,
The Faith Mission (in Canada)

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