prayer 101

"Do not be anxious about anything but by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God." -Phillippians 4:6

As part of the vision of the Faith Mission, we see prayer in itself a powerful tool.

Before the Faith Mission began, the founder, John George Govan, completely gave himself afresh to God at a prayer meeting. In the beginnings of his ministry, he was involved in preaching the Gospel in needy areas in Glasgow and he found a joy and delight in praying with others. There were nights wholly devoted to prayer and many Saturday afternoons as well, before he went to preach in meetings on Sundays.

It is in the work and spirit of prayer that many revivals have begun, as people have petitioned God and sought an outpouring of His Spirit in their villages. Such examples are seen in Mr. Govan's early ministry, when he went to Stewarton and found the pastor of the area "very stiff." John George Govan spent the day in prayer and as a result, the whole atmosphere was changed. By the end of the week, a hundred young people were saved; marching the streets and witnessing in the open air meetings.

Once at a meeting in Co. Fermanagh, in Northern Ireland, a Christian leader said of the Faith Mission: "The secret of the Mission's success was believing, prevailing prayer!" (Peckham, Heritage of Revival, Pg. 41)

Prayer, then, is instrumental to our work. Before many of our conferences, prayer meetings and, in many cases of the early work, there were half-days of prayer. Prayer Unions (PU) were first organized in 1887 and remain so today in both the Faith Mission and the Faith Mission in Canada.


where Christians (are) able to encourage one another; to have fellowship and to pray with one another, and conserve the work of evangelism. (John George Govan)


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