Although we are not a book store in the normal sense of the word, we do sell some books. These are a few reasons why:

  • Some are published by The Faith Mission and record our history.
  • Some are excellent teaching resources for topics that are associated with our ministry.
  •  Some are published by lesser known publishers and not easy to get so we want to make them easier for people to get a hold of.
  • Most, if not all of these books, have personally impacted the staff of The Faith Mission (in Canada).

So we don’t just sell these books, we recommend them to you as books which we are confident will deeply impact your life.

 Spirit of Revival.-I.R. Govan (Edinburgh, Scotland: The Faith Mission) 1960

The Faith Mission in Canada started in 1927. The work in Canada emerged out of the established work taking place in the United Kingdom and Ireland.  Spirit of Revival records how the work began back in 1886. God used John George Govan in a remarkable way to start up the work of the Faith Mission, reaching into rural areas to share the gospel. This is a stirring account of the early years of the work. This is a very challenging book that will be sure to stir your soul.

Currently out of circulation: please contact us if interested

   Heritage of Revival.- Dr. Colin N. Peckham (Edinburgh, Scotland: The Faith Mission). 1986

“Heritage of Revival” brings the story of Faith Mission up to date, talking about more recent developments in the ministry. These include changes to the Bible College, changes in leadership and structure. This book includes the commencement of Faith Mission work in other countries such as Canada, South Africa and France.

Currently out of circulation: please contact us if interested

 Channel of Revival. -Dr. Andrew Woolsey (Edinburgh, Scotland: The Faith Mission) 1982

“Channel of Revival” is a biography of Duncan Campbell. Duncan Campbell was used of God during times of revival in the Hebrides. This is a great record of the revival that took place. The impacts of this revival can still be felt  today. This book is a must read, for any one wanting to learn about revival. This is truly a life changing book.

Also available through the Faith Mission. Please feel free to contact us with any inquiries.

 Sounds from Heaven: The revival on the Isle of Lewis 1949-1952-Colin & Mary Peckham (London, England: Christian Focus Publications). 2004

As part of the vision in the Faith Mission, revival plays a role-and it certainly isn’t unheard of. From 1949 to 1952, Duncan  Campbell, a faith mission worker in the united kingdom was greatly used by God for revival on the isle of Lewis-an island just  outside of Scotland. This book explains and looks more in detail at how God came and met with the people during that time; and the ultimate impact that was made.

Also available through the Faith Mission. Please feel free to contact us with any inquiries

 Power through Prayer-E.M.Bounds (Whitaker House) 1985

A reminder of the power of Prayer, Bounds writes on the importance of prayer and its necessity, especially for the work of the preacher. If we truly want to see God impact lives, we need to rely on His strength and His words, not on our own. This supernatural enabling comes first in prayer, as we spend time on our knees, beseeching God, surrendering afresh to Him.

Also available through the Faith Mission. Please feel free to contact us with inquiries


 When God came down: An account of the North Uist Revival-1957-58-Ed. John Ferguson. (North Kessock, Inverness: Lewis Recordings) 2000

A small but impacting book, ‘When God came down’ speaks of the revival that occurred on North Uist-a small island outside of Scotland. Contrary to what man might think, God used four Faith Mission ladies to speak to the people and His Spirit came, convicting the hearts of man and bringing many to His kingdom. Hard to find elsewhere, this book is instrumental and a powerful read of yet, another wonderful account, of revival.