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This Summer Discipleship Program is a 6 week program that is focused on developing our staff in 3 ways:


  1. Discipleship – a growing and maturing personal relationship with God, rooted in God’s Word and in prayer.
  2. Servanthood – Practically showing God’s love for others in word and deed without regard to the difficulty or recognition of the task.
  3. Leadership – committing oneself to living a surrendered life to God that shows through attitude, action, word and thought – understanding that we depend on the Holy Spirit – and setting an example not just for those younger, but for our peers.


This program is for those who are striving in their relationship with God and who are willing and open to personal spiritual growth!


It starts on June 29th (first day of staff training) and goes until August 14th (staff party). We have a very full summer ahead of us with almost everyday of the summer booked for retreats and rental groups here at the camp. This means that days off for you would be staggered and we will not always be able to tell you exactly when it will be, though we will try our best to let you know 2 weeks ahead!


If you would need time off (family trips, weddings, etc) we are more than happy to accommodate, but ask that you are here for all of our camps. Please also recognize that we usually only have a few hours in between rental groups coming and going, including before and after our own camps – we will need your help!


Summer Schedule:

  • Staff Training: June 29-July 3
  • Teen Camp: July 3-8
    • Rentals: July 8-17
  • Junior 1 Camp: July 17-22
  • Faith Mission Family Camp: July 22-24
  • Junior 2 Camp: July 24-29
    • Rentals: July 29-August 6
  • Squirt Day Camp: August 8
  • Extreme Camp: August 10-13
  • Staff Party: August 14


We have limited spots for this program and all spots will be filled based on an application process.