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** Please note – there is now a Waiting List for YLT ’24 **


Youth Leadership Training (YLT) is coming up at March Break and this year’s theme is AIMING FOR HOLINESS!  YLT is on an APPLICATION basis (not registration) and only upon acceptance will your youth be allowed to attend.  It is a unique experience reserved for youth who are mature in their faith and looking to go deeper.  A non-family spiritual reference is required from the leadership of your church.  See flyer for details — > YLT 24


Dates: March 10-13, 2024
Ages: Grades 9-12 (14-17 years)
Held at: Faith Mission Centre, Campbellville, ON




This could be a pastor, youth pastor or elder
All medication must be given to camp nurse when signing in at camp
As much as we try accommodate all food allergies etc. we cannot guarantee that all needs can be met.
Please also ensure that campers are free from BED BUGS, HEAD LICE, or any other contagious disease (such as COVID-19) before coming to camp. If this is not adhered to we reserve the right to send a camper home at the parent's expense.
While every precaution shall be taken to ensure the welfare and protection of each camper, The Faith Mission (in Canada), it's Directors, members and employees of the facilities outside the campground are hereby released from any liability in the event of an accident or misfortune that may occur to the camper.
PLEASE NOTE this is not like a normal camp, but is a unique training experience reserved for youth who are mature in their faith and are looking to go deeper.
No deposit is required once application is accepted - PLEASE DO NOT send payment until student has been accepted to the program by the Director.