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There will be a staff party at the camp on August 13-14th and we hope that you can all attend! Please plan to be there.
Please note: All Jr. Cabin Leaders are gaurenteed 2 weeks of camp. 1 week in a cabin and 1 week as a DIVER. We will not be able to confirm the weeks of camp that you will get until after the application deadline (May 1st). Feel free to contact me (Conan Arndt for any questions.
Criminal Record Checks: A Criminal Record Check is MANDATORY and you cannot work at the Faith Mission Bible Camp if we do not have a CRC on file for you. You MUST go to your local RCMP and get a Criminal Record Check done and hand it to me (Conan Arndt) BY MAY 1st! If not, you will not be able to be a part of our staff team.
Please note: The deadline for this application is May 1st, 2022. You may not hear until then if you have the position or not, although we will do our best to be in contact with you before then.