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This is a BRAND NEW retreat that we are offering this summer at the Faith Mission Bible Camp! Come and take a weekend to be refreshed and renewed in your walk with God! There will be time to hear from God’s Word, time for discussion and prayer, time to go wild and crazy and a lot of time to kick back and relax! We are so excited for the opportunity to open up this option for the young adults and can’t wait to have you out here!


Date: August 19-21, 2022


Age: 18-25



Single: $150.00

Married Couple: $250.00

We have three options for married couples! We have modular rooms that sleep two, you could bring a tent or camper or sleep in separate cabins for the weekend by staying with those coming by themselves.

Speaker: Mark Hardwick – Mark is a missionary with the Faith Mission in Ontario and has a passion for God’s Word! We are excited to hear what God has laid on His heart and trust that God will help us to draw near to Him through Mark’s teaching!